Fees and packages

I offer a variety of Virtual Assistant rates and packages to suit your budget and provide the most cost effective service for you.  Can’t see a package that suits your needs?  Please contact me to discuss the services you require for your bespoke package.

Standard rate

I have a standard Virtual Assistant fee of £25.00 per hour or part thereof.   I do not charge VAT.  Your time is logged and a detailed spreadsheet will be sent, together with your invoice at the end of each month.  A maximum cap can be set if required and I will send you a regular update on your expenditure.

Alternative options

Alternatively, we can agree a total price for one off projects and transcription services; or, if you prefer, you can pay a monthly retainer.  This works by agreeing the number of hours you wish to pay for each month, but with a discount.  So, if you wish to pay for 4 hours, your monthly fee would be £90 instead of £100, but this is payable whether the hours are used or not.

Urgent work or out of office hours

I am happy to assist with work that is required for completion out of normal office hours and over the weekend.  The Virtual Assistant fee for this is £30.00 per hour or part thereof.

Call answering rates

I offer a variety of call answering packages, ranging from the basic package with an emailed message for £50 per month to the Executive Package including call answering, returning customer calls, arranging meetings, travel and accommodation arrangements and filtering marketing calls at £350 per month.  Please see the Call Answering page for full details.