Need a new database?

If you have a requirement for a database, we can create, update and maintain your client details and ensure ongoing compliance where necessary.  Whether it is only a simple spreadsheet that is required for a mailing list or something more complex, we can assist.


  • Log of client calls and responses
  • List of prospective contacts for a mailshot
  • Creation of a database for sub-contractors
  • Tracking of professional indemnity and governing body registration expiry dates

We have experience in the creation and monitoring of databases on Access, Excel and on various bespoke systems.

Areas of specific expertise

Database management is an integral part of the private clinical sector.  We are experienced in the on-boarding of medical professionals for private health providers, keeping track of their contact details, professional qualifications, professional indemnity expiry dates, registration and expiry with the Information Commissioner’s Office, fees, services available, CPD participation and CQC compliant premises.  This information is kept on the client’s own system.

Memberships for societies and organisations.  These can be as simple or as complex as required.  A basic spreadsheet is sometimes all that is necessary to log each member’s address, contact details, level of membership, status of membership and fees paid/due.  Links can also be added to documentation relating to each individual for ease of access.

We also have extensive expertise in managing databases for conference attendees, accommodation booking and dietary requirements and logging and monitoring feedback from online surveys.




Not quite what you need?

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