call-answeringCall answering

Call answering is a very simple and effective way of retaining business that would otherwise be lost.  Whether you are working on a ladder, driving, or in a meeting with a client, answering a call and giving a prospective new client your full attention can be difficult.  Interrupting a meeting with one client to accept a call from another is not good practice.  By the same token, ignoring a call from a prospective new client and expecting them to leave a voicemail won’t bring in the business, as they will simply call the next person on the list.

A call answering service is an invaluable way to ensure that a) you don’t miss any potential customer calls and b) a way of fielding out those irritating marketing calls.  Messages are taken and then sent to you by email, allowing you the time to contact the caller at a time that is convenient for you.  The service provides cover whether you are busy, or enjoying some hard earned annual leave.  Our call answering service is available on either an ongoing or ad hoc basis, providing you with exactly the service you need for the length of time that you need it.

Basic Package

£50 per month

This service provides call answering with an emailed message for a maximum of 100 minutes per month.  We have a caller display system, so providing the caller has not blocked their number, we can answer with your Company name and email the message to you.  This package is best for those who just wish to divert their calls at their busiest times, rather than on a permanent basis.

Entrepreneur Package

£160 per month

This service is for those who find their businesses are expanding and need the services of a Personal Assistant, but are not wishing to employ.  This service provides a maximum of 300 minutes per month.  Given your company information, your Virtual Assistant will answer your calls and provide them with the information they require.  Access to your system is usually required for this.

Executive Package

£350.00 per month

This service offers a Virtual Assistant who answers your calls, returns customer calls, arranges meetings, confirms travel accommodation and filters marketing calls.  This package is offered on the basis of 800 minutes per month.  Access to your system is preferable for this service with full diary access, with prices, company information, contact information, and a summary of what is expected from your Virtual Assistant.

If you don’t see a package that suits, please contact us via our Web page for further information or call us for an informal discussion on 07421 371177.  We are happy to tailor our service to suit your requirements.